About Skillage

Skillage assesses your understanding of ICT in an employment setting. Each question has a number of possible answers that will explore a particular ICT skill. Some have straight answers, but some will make you think a bit. You might even disagree with some of the answers, but its designed to make you think about each topic, and consider if you really know how to do it.

There will be fifteen questions in five categories drawn randomly from a bigger pool of questions. So if you do it twice you might not get the same questions. The categories are employability, productivity, communications, social media and information literacy, and files and filing.

At the end you will get a Skillage Report. It will be something you can take to an employer to show the broad levels of ICT skills you have. It will also give you more specific advice on where you can go for help to improve from your local Telecentre network.

If you have any comments or feedback please get in touch by email to skillage@telecentre-europe.org

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