Your privacy is really important to us. We will never share, sell or give your details to any other organisation or individual. The only reason we collect your name and email address is to be able to send you a personalised Skillage Report.

We will use the anonymised, aggregated results of Skillage to be able to understand better the levels of ICT skills in an employment setting across Europe. What this means is that we will take all of the results of all of the people completing Skillage, without names or email addresses, and produce reports on the scores that we find, so that we can compare skill levels across different countries, by gender, across different age groups, and employment status. So you are also helping to create a picture of ICT skills in Europe.

For that we will make sure that your privacy is absolutely confidential, and no one will have access to your individual scores, or be able to contact you. You, on the other hand, are totally free to share your score on your Facebook page, on Twitter, or where ever you want, and you will get a Skillage Report that you can keep and share with an employer if you wish. We will never share your Skillage report with anyone.

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